• What is Pop Red ?
  • How does it work ?
  • Is it free ?
  • How do I install it ?
  • Need more features ?
  • Credits


    1 - What is Pop Red ?
    PopRed stands for Pop3 Redirector, as the name says the
    program connects via pop3 to the server reads the messages,
    and will expire messages older than a specific time.
    An epired message will be redirected to a new email address,
    furthermor it can be kept or deleted, please note that an kept
    message will be resend again next time.

    1 - How does it work ?
    Create the configuration file and run it , you can also run it
    using crontab. The only think you require is perl to be installed, and
    the email server has to run POP3 daemon. Any valid SMTP server will
    do the trick.

    3 - Is it free ?
    Well i am releasing it under the Public GNU License , so yes it's free.

    4 - How do I install it ? First download the last version :

  • PopRed ( Version 0.9 )
    Read the Readme file that goes along with it.

    5 - Need more features ?
    Let me know what you need i'll analize it and maybe i will include it in the next version.

    6 - Credits
    It has been written by Joao Carvalho